Rev.: April 10, 2004

As I put my USB-Flashcard-Reader to work

The USB-flashcard-reader in question is a noname-product, costing 22 Euro.

(doubleclick on image for full view)

The PC runs eCS 1.01 and has 2 USB-controlers onbard (UHCI, meaning USB 1.1), chipset unknown.

These files are prerequesites:

  What for: Version: Date: Source:
usbbasic.exe Basic drivers for USB in general - 22. 3. 2004 Serenity Homepage
Copy usbbasic.exe to x:\os2\boot
In this directory open a window session and type: usbbasic <enter>
When encountering question 'replace equal-named file' answer YES. MSD-drivers (Mass-Storage-Devices, meaning all kinds of removable media, including LS-120, ZIP etc. 10.1035 24. 3. 2004 Serenity Homepage
Unzip the file into (empty) temporary directory
Open a window session and type: ddinstal <enter>
Source-directory: the temporary directory, Target-directory: x:\os2\boot.
usbres.wpi Ressource-Manager. Required for the function 'Refresh Removable Media' to work. 0.9.7 2004/01/26: Hobbes
You need the WarpIn-installer. (Get latest version here) To install: simply by drag-and-drop the file usbres.wpi onto the WarpIn-program-icon.

Older systems than eCS 1.01 may need an upgrade of OS/2-loader. More info about that: eCS-Homepage.

Entries in config.sys:

rem ++ not present in system BASEDEV=USBEHCD.SYS /V
rem ++ not present in system BASEDEV=USBOHCD.SYS /V


Source for possible malfunction: Interrupts:

You may need to enter your BIOS-setting in order to make sure:
  1. in general USB is enabled,
  2. specially interrupt-handling is enabled for USB.

Notes on config.sys:

(1) The entry BASEDEV=USBUHCD.SYS is needed as often as there are USB-UHCI-controlers in your system. To know the number of controlers run HCIMONIT (from a commandline session). The same hold for USB-2.0-controlers (= USBEHCD.SYS-entries).
(2) The interrupt-specification (in this case: 13) is normally omitted, only in cases of problems you have to play around with some possible values.
(3) This section has nothing to do with flashcard-readers, it is here just for the sake of completeness.

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