The PMRaw-Camera-Module

The camera-module lets you access the images on your camera (i.e. on the flash-memory-card in your camera) directly, which means you don't have to get the card out of the camera and plug it into a card-reader, where it becomes a removable disk drive with a drive letter.

Instead, you link your camera by means of an USB-cable to an USB-port of your computer, switch on your camera and start the camera-module from the PMRaw-main-menu. Click on the 'Connect'-button.

Note:   You must have set your camera's 'Transfer'-option to 'PTP' (this is essential!)

After some seconds you will see the images on your camera as shown here. Position your mouse cursor over that list and click right-mouse-button to invoke the context-menu.

Before you can use any of the functions (copy, move, load) you must define an import-directory where the image(s) will be transferred to.

To 'Load' an image means: Copy into the import-directory, create a thumbnail-image and return to the PMRaw-main-window, where you proceed as if you had loaded the image from any disk-directory by means of the main-menu-function 'File' -> 'Load' (or the F2-key).

The camera-module is based on the package ptpro by Richard L. Walsh (get it from hobbes). To use it within PMRaw you need from this package:
ptpro.exe and usbresmg.sys Both are included for convenience in the


In case you get a message like this: "no PTP-devices found" please check the following:

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