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Version 2.5  
from June 12, 2012

PMRaw-version 2.5 or later requires dcraw 9.12 or later (included in

PMRaw - What's it all about?

Many digital cameras offer the ability to store their images not only in JPG- but in an own format, called RAW-data. These image-files have typically 12 bits for each colour (instead of 8 in ordinary true color images), resulting in 36 bits for every pixel, as opposed to 24 bits in ordinary true color images (which include JPG, BMP, TIFF).
Because the RAW-format is specific to each digital camera-model normal image-viewer-programs cannot display those RAW-images. You need a special RAW-viewer / -converter. One of these is PMRaw for OS/2.

PMRaw - Features:

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Camera'-module for direct connection to camera via USB.
Click here, only if you are familiar with the PMRaw-basics.
PMRaw is at last a GUI-addon to the world-famous RAW-converter dcraw, which exists as OpenSource. Dcraw is commandline-based and as such its usage is quite ...., well, not intuitive, to say the least.

PMRaw sports a user-friendly graphical interface that wraps around all parameters of dcraw. In addition PMRaw offers a variety of useful features, such as saving the resulting PPM-image in TIFF-, BMP- or JPG-format as well as a versatile batch-mode to process a whole directory of RAW-images at once.

PMRaw - How to use:

Usage of PMRaw is very simply:
Through the File-Menu you select 'Load RAW-Image', to identify your RAW-image-file. In case there exists an equally-named JPG-file this is used as a preview-image, otherwise the small preview-frame is left empty.

The JPG-preview will also work if the file has an extension other than JPG (e.g. THM), as long as the file actually IS a JPG-file.

A very comprehensive explanation of all the dcraw-parameters you can find

After loading (and possibly displaying the preview-image) you may play around with the color-sliders or the options-checkboxes and radiobuttons in order to set the parameters for dcraw. If you decide to let them unchanged you can be sure that there are all sensible defaults.

Finally you click on 'Go'. It will take some seconds to finish, after that the resulting image is displayed in the large picture-box, reflecting the parameter-settings, which you have (or not) applied.

Still the image is scaled down in the picture-box.

In the menu-bar the function Output-Image is now active. Through this option you may:
  • view the image with your favourite program,
  • save the generated image (as BMP or JPG).

The option Delete PPM after means: The PPM-file which results from the raw-conversion-process will be deleted at program termination, because normally you wouldn't want to keep this file, but instead save it as TIFF, BMP or JPG.
Note:   Only PPM-files are subject to this option, not any JPG-, TIFF- or BMP-file.


Before you download the program, please read and accept the following NoWarranty-Clause:


  • Download '' and unzip into an empty directory, e.g. 'c:\PMRaw\'
  • Open a commandline session, switch to the PMRaw-directory, and type: install <return> This will create on your desktop a PMRaw-folder with a program object in it.
  • Start the program: PMRaw <return> or doubleclick on the newly created program object.
    Because there is no change in config.sys you don't need a system-restart.

Download: (2,399,918 bytes)

Note: For the direct-camera-access you need ptpro.exe from Richard L. Walsh as well as usbresmg.sys of 06.06.2005 or later. Both are included for convenience here in the The original ptpro-package you can download from here .
You need also... (400 kb)
Vrobj.dll is a DLL which is used by many programs and most probably you already have it somewhere on your system (in the LIBPATH). If not or if the version that you have is older than 06-06-1995 then you must download it here and unzip it into (recommended) x:\os2\dll\.
  nconvert (1.5 MB)
Nconvert is needed to create JPG-files with Exif-information preserved. Though a working copy of nconvert is contained in the PMRaw-download-file, it is recommended to install the original-nconvert-package for docs and licensing-information.
You MAY need also... For the direct-camera-access you need
  • usbresmg.sys of 2005-06-06 or later
    (included in,
  • ptpro.exe (included in,
  • licbc06.dll of 2005-11-17 or later (download from netlabs) is included in the download-package here.
In case you have to use this here version of usbresmg.sys, then of course you must reboot your PC for this new version to take effect. At last you must have a line like this in your config.sys: DEVICE=C:\<anydir>\USBRESMG.SYS
where <anydir> is the dirctory where you have copied the usbresmg.sys to.

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