Reference to the Authors:

Text2Img is a graphical front-end to the well-known 'gif_text' by Daniel Hellerstein, which in turn is based upon the RXGDUtil.dll by Andy Wysocki, who created also some of the fonts. The original package 'gif_text' may be obtained from hobbes. For using Text2Img this is not neccessarily required, because Text2Img already contains the most important components.

The original-'gif_text' differs from Text2Img in these aspects:
  • In 'gif_text' there are more fonts, which however in most cases contain incomplete character-set. The fonts which are contained in Text2Img are filled up with most of the missing characters.
  • The directory structers differ. Generally every font constitutes its own subdirectory. While in gif_text these subdirectories reside directly under the gif_text-program directory there is a separate subdirectory named 'fonts\' put in between the x:\gif_text\ and the individual font-subdirectories.
  • The original-'gif_text' my be used as cgi on a web-server, Text2Img cannot (because of its GUI-based nature).
  • In Text2Img you can save the set of parameters, which you have used for generating an image, as a so-called 'Profile' and at any time later you can recall it for usage with a different text.
  • In Text2Img there is no more the possibility to use it from a commandline session.
Because Text2Img is primarily a front-end to the gif_text-program, the main-documentation also should be taken from there. So this main-document-file 'gif_text.doc' is contained here in Text2Img.

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