Text2Img - Create Pretty Images From Any ASCII-Text

With Text2Img you can easily create pretty graphic images from any text. You simply write your text in an entry form, then select from a list of bitmap fonts and of background images and press the Generate-button. For a detailed modification of the result you are offered a variety of parameters which you can set and test interactively.

Just to illustrate the principle by one simple example:
You specify this set of parameters:
...and obtain this image:
(note: the sample is in german language, but the program can be set to english and spanish).

You can enter as much text as you like, because the images can have (almost) any size. That's why Text2Img can be used for many purposes, such as greeting cards, banners, buttons, headlines or whatever you like.

Text2Img is Freeware. So don't hesitate to download and try it for yourself.

Before you go to the download-section please read the No-Warranty-Clause:


  • Download '' into a newly created directory, e.g. 'c:\Text2Img'
  • In that directory: enter 'unzip text2img'
    (be sure that the paths in the zip-file are automatically created by the unzip-program.)
  • enter install.
A re-boot is not required.

Download: (1.200 kb)
Furthermore you need... (400 kb)
Vrobj.dll is a DLL which is used by many programs and most probably you already have it somewhere on your system (in the LIBPATH). If not or if the version that you have is older than 06-06-1995 then you must download it here and unzip it into (recommended) x:\os2\dll\.

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