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Name: What is it?:
The Backup Demon/2 Data Backup and Recovery. Runs permanently in the background and backs up all modified / new files automatically on a FTP-Server, a local harddrive or ... (more...)
Text2Img Small program for generating pretty images from any text - for use as banner, background-image or just for fun ... (more...)
sqlMate GUI-based front-end for the administration of (remote) MySQL-servers (more...)
phpGUI GUI-based workbench for the creation and administration of web-sites with special respect to php und MySQL (more...)
GUI-front-end to operate a (remotely) connected IP-camera (webcam), configurable for distinct models (more...)
PMRaw GUI-based viewer / converter for digital photos in RAW-format (more...)
PMExif New version!
Utility for the extraction and presentation of exposure-data from images of digital cameras (based upon RxExif) (more...)
Calydos New version!
Image-Database. Keeps track of all your digital images, photos and pictures, displays thumbnails, exif-data and lots more (more)
ImgMeta Append descriptive data (meta-data) to image-files. ImgMeta has less features than Calydos, but is easier to use. (more...)
CDMagic All-in-one solution for building and managing your personal MP3-database (with cddb-support) (more...)